Taking Grassroots Communications To The Next Level

IssueHound™ quickly generates customized letters and/or emails to decision makers to help you get the policy outcome you want.

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IssueHound™ Features

Each letter or email created with IssueHound™ is unique. Our robust features enable users to create a dynamic letter to targeted recipients. Our mobile friendly application generates letters wherever your audience is and requires only an internet-ready device such as a computer, smartphone or tablet.

How IssueHound™ Works

A database of draft paragraphs is developed based on key issue messages is loaded into IssueHound™. Users then choose which messages they want to convey and IssueHound™ selects related paragraphs and generates unique letters and/or emails that the user can then edit, making it even more customized. You determine whether the correspondence goes to a pre-set list of recipients (e.g., entire committee, Congressional delegation, Governor, key leadership, persuadable board members, etc.) or to a user’s specific representatives based on personal address matching. Correspondence can be e-mailed immediately or printed and mailed at an identified date. Users can get their friends involved by sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Reports can be generated to track the volume of correspondence sent to each recipient as well as track which messages are sent, letting you know when it’s time to add more or change out paragraphs to enhance variety.

Interested in learning more about IssueHound™?

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